Locally Grown Catering - Lancaster County, PA


We source our ingredients from both near and far to craft your unique menu.  We are thankful to have these great local growers and producers.  They provide us with freshness and flavor that is unmatched.


In addition to our passion for food is a passion for good music.  Many will be familiar with ears’ desire for new sounds even as you continue to enjoy works from decades ago. So, just as we seek out new tunes to add to the playlist that keeps the kitchen humming, we are always on the lookout for new ideas in food.  Photos, blogs, and menus bring excitement and smiles to our day so we thought it best to share some of our favorites with you.

Edible Philly
Philadelphia, PA

Providence, RI

Misery Loves Co.
Winooski, VT

Nick's on Broadway
Providence, RI

Better Half
Atlanta, GA

April Bloomfield
New York, NY

Lucky Peach


Copanhagen, Denmark

Sarah Owens
Brooklyn, NY